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The #PedsMatch22 Webinar Series: It's Here!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

On behalf of the entire team at FuturePedsRes, we're excited to announce the second annual webinar series sponsored by the APPD and COMSEP!

Last year's participants provided crucial feedback, allowing us to better meet the needs of this year's applicants. In addition, we have added 4 members to our team who will focus exclusively on maximizing the effectiveness of this series.

Below are the important dates to remember:

July 14 'Equity and PedsMatch22' Twitter Spaces + TweetChat

July 21 Kickoff Session + Post-Match Panel

Aug 3 IMG Session

Aug 5 DO Session

Aug 9 Western Region

Aug 16 Southwest Region

Aug 25 Midwest + Mid-America Regions

Aug 31 Northeast + Mid-Atlantic Regions

Sep 9 New York Region

Sep 14 Southeast Region

(Want to download these dates to your personal calendar? Visit the FPR Calendar to add them directly to your device. Check often as they will be added shortly!)

A few helpful notes:

  • All events will begin at 8p EST / 7p CST / 5p PST.

  • All events will be 1-hour in length, with the following additions:

    • The 'Post-Match Panel' will follow the 'Kickoff Session' and be 30-45 minutes.

    • All regional sessions will be immediately followed by a 30-minute 'Resident After Hours' session designed for small group interaction and candid conversation.

  • The regional divisions mentioned above are outlined here by the APPD.


Register for any of the sessions here.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, or sign-up for our FPR Listerv, to stay up-to-date!


Revanth Shanmukh
Revanth Shanmukh
Jul 13, 2021

Looking forward for the event ☺️☺️


aditi tiwari
aditi tiwari
Jun 22, 2021

Looking forward to this 😊

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