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#PedsMatch22 Webinar Survey

Thank you to everyone who attended our #PedsMatch22 #FPRWebinar series! It was a pleasure meeting so many of you and connecting you with pediatrics residency programs from across the country. As an organization and with our amazing collaborators from the APPD and COMSEP; we are always striving to improve the residency recruitment process. To this end, we ask for your help to learn more about what we are doing well and where we can improve. Please take a few minutes to fill out our webinar survey so we can continue to improve for #PedsMatch23!

Title of Study: Effectiveness of the FuturePedsRes Webinar Series at Educating Applicants on the #PedsMatch22 Application Season.

Study Investigator: Dr. John Frohna

Co-Investigators: Representatives from FuturePedsRes, APPD, COMSEP

Dr. John Frohna at UW-Madison is doing a research study about the effectiveness of the FuturePedsRes Webinar Series at educating applicants on the #PedsMatch22 application season. We invite you to participate in this study because you registered for the webinar series offered between July and September 2022. If you did not ultimately attend any sessions, please disregard this survey.


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