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#PedsMatch2023 Kick-Off!

It’s the application season! You know, that gut-wrenching, heart rending, extremely stressful period where you put together an application for a process that determines how the next few years of your life could go. Daunting? Stressful? But also a little bit exciting? Yes!

Are you worried and overwhelmed with upcoming applications and how to approach the “ERAS Season”? If so, no worries as you are definitely not alone. To make things a little easier for you, we have put together a list of important take-home points from our kick-off webinar to help you navigate this match season like a pro.

  1. APPD has recommended that the match season be mainly virtual and have advised all programs to conduct interviews online. This letter from the Recruitment Action team of the APPD gives you all the information on recommendations to programs for this match cycle. Gear up with your webcams (and ring lights?) for an exciting season!

  2. Before you begin applications, visit the AAMC Apply Smart webpage to learn about things to consider when selecting what programs to apply to. Remember applications cost time, effort and money, so you want to make sure you are not wasting any of it!

  3. Pediatrics programs will participate in the ERAS Supplemental Application Program this year. This new addition basically helps programs the applicants preferences better. Watch this webinar recording for more details on using the supplemental application to your best advantage!

  4. Start early! Now is the right time! Personal statements, asking for LORs, filling out the forms - all this can take a while and can become hectic if put off till the end. It is a good idea to compile all you need as early as possible to avoid last minute rush and errors.

  5. Submit a complete application! While ERAS allows you to submit your application without all the details, try to put in as much information (i.e. step scores, LORs) as you can in your application. Complete applications give programs a holistic perspective and help them review applications better.

  6. To find your best fit, think about what is important to you and what programs offer that. Programs that can help you achieve your own goals and enhance your personal well being should be high on your list. Again, start making your list asap! Not sure where to start? Sign up for our regional webinars to learn more about the different programs on a more personalized level. We will help you find your perfect match!

  7. Have an advisor/mentor to motivate you through the process and review your applications prior to submission. You can join the #PedsMatch2023 movement on social media and connect with peers, mentors and colleagues who can also support you!

  8. Do not be discouraged because you might have “red flags” in your application. Use your personal statement, and interviews to show how you have learnt from a path that is unconventional, and how your experiences have translated to your personal and professional growth.

  9. Make your application and personal statements very clear and explanatory. Sometimes international experiences might be difficult to interpret by recruiting boards. Use your applications to give a clear picture of the type of experiences you have had, in what setting and what your responsibilities you have had, in a way that is easily understandable.

  10. Pay attention to your health and well-being during this season. Take breaks, exercise and spend time with people you love!

Applications for the match are not for the faint hearted, and can get quite overwhelming. This is why you should not try to go through this alone.

FuturePedsRes is here to aid you with information, resources, and an awesome Peds Community that can be your support system during this period. You can join in on the camaraderie by participating in our free informative webinar series, signing up to our email list, as well as following us on Twitter and Instagram.


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