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Westchester Medical Center/ Maria Fareri Children's Hospital

Valhalla, NY

Beach Run

Matt Kapklein, MD MPH

Program Director

Beth Woolf, MA

Program Coordinator

  • MFCH: Quaternary care regional referral and level 1 pediatric trauma center, 72 inpatient beds, 60 bed level 4 NICU, 18 bed medical surgical level 1 PICU.

  • Residents are from all over country

  • 2/3 do fellowships and match very well.

  • Residents say the best part of the program is their residentes, followed closely by outstanding teaching and great patients.

  • We are 40 minutes north of NYC: residents either commute from NYC or the surrounding Hutson Valley Area.

  • 60 Residents: hallmarks of our residents are the ownership and autonomy they have, the mutual support they give, and the joy in their work they share.

  • Individualized training: Each resident builds their own unique "track" with 5 months of customized rotations, chosen based on career goals.

  • Continuity clinic : 9 sites including hospital-based clinic, private practices and federally-qualified community health centers

  • 24-hour call and noon conference models

  • High resident autonomy and few fellows

  • Dedicated rotations in:

  • Evidence-based

  • Medicine/procedures,

  • Community

  • Pediatrics/advocacy

  • Quality improvement/patient safety

  • Emphasis in clinical reasoning

  • Scholarly projects and dedicated faculty

  • Curricula in health disparities/antiracism/DEI, wellness and hihg value health care

  • Program diversity committee

  • Formal health disparities/equity/anti-racism curriculum

  • DEI events year-round sponsored by residents and faculty

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