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New York University Grossman School of Medicine

New York, NY

Beach Run

Heather Howell

Program Director

Cristina Paquiz

Program Coordinator

  • 50% of time is spent at large academic medical center (NYULMC) and 50% of time is spent at public hospital (Bellevue Hospital)

  • Located in the heart of New York City

  • Hassenfeld Children's Hospital at NYULMC opened in 2018

  • Bellevue Hospital is the heart of the New York City Public Hospital Network (NYC H&H)

  • Diverse patient population

  • Broad sub-specialty exposure

  • Continuity clinic at Bellevue Hospital

  • Bellevue Hospital Emergency Room is a trauma center

  • Medium sized program (~20 residents per class)

  • Eleven sub-specialty fellowship programs

  • Scholarly Pathways for categorical residents (research, quality improvement, medical education, advocacy, global health)


New York City! Located on the Eastside of Manhattan (First Avenue), very diverse patient population, broad variety of restaurants, shows, parks etc.

  • 13 four week blocks per academic year

  • X+Y schedule (4+4)

  • Night Float

  • Morning conferences ( ~ 4 days per week)

  • Academic Half Day (3 hours of protected education time per week)

  • Career Exploration rotation as PGY1

  • Pediatric Diversity and Inclusion Committee (branches: outreach, mentorship, recruitment, education)

  • Community Outreach

  • Partnership with School of Medicine

  • Pipeline programs

  • NYUGSOM Diversity and Inclusion Committee

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