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Rush University Medical Center

Chicago, IL

Bridget Voigt, MD

Program Director

Molly Rose Elkins-Ryan

Program Coordinator

  • Strong Sense of Community: As a medium-sized program, we are large enough to be flexible with scheduling and coverage, but small enough that everyone knows each other well. Faculty are supportive and passionate about teaching.

  • Outstanding General Pediatrics Training: Robust outpatient pediatric experience in both continuity clinic and acute care clinic in the busiest pediatric resident clinic in Chicago.

  • Comprehensive Inpatient Training: Our 20 bed general pediatrics floor, 20 bed PICU, and 60 bed NICU allow for a diverse pediatric experience with both high volume and high acuity services.

  • 11 categorical pediatric residents and 4 medicine-pediatric residents per class

  • About 40% go on to practice primary care and 60% continue on to fellowship at competitive programs across the country

  • Global Health, Quality Improvement and Advocacy tracks


Serving the entire Chicagoland area with a focus on the West Side Diverse patient population with approximately 70% medicaid and 30% private insurance patients Ideal location where you can walk or ride to work or easily drive from nearby suburbs

  • Recently transitioned to X+Y scheduling

  • Y weeks: Focused continuity clinic experience, academic half days, longitudinal wellness, advocacy, mental health and medical education rotations

  • X weeks: Dedicated inpatient and elective blocks to maximize learning opportunities

  • Weekly morning report, daily noon conference, opportunities for resident led research

  • Flexible vacation requests

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) curriculum with specific goals and objectives included in all rotations

  • Regularly scheduled structural competency training and restorative justice programming

  • Department wide DEI retreat - DEI focused noon conference and academic half days

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